Committee for an Open Waterfront - Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA

Build the Park Now.   Protect it Forever.

     Now and Forever. Those words are the focus of our message today. We say NOW because there is no reason to continue to delay the planning of the waterfront park that the public has told its elected officials that it wants. We don't need more excuses or distractions. We need the planning for the park to begin in earnest NOW.

     We say that the way to protect the park FOREVER is to turn the land over to the Waterfront Trust which has the legal authority to safeguard our most precious asset in perpetuity.  Property that is as valuable as Newburyport's central waterfront should not be held in the hands of a political body that may one day lose sight of the value of public open space.  We just saw that happen in 2012 when the city backed the Union Studio proposal to build condos on the waterfront.

     We have been talking about this for far too long.  It's time for action. It is NOW time to make a plan for our waterfront park and that plan must include a way for the park to be protected FOREVER. 






 What is an Open Waterfront Park?  

Why are so many cities turning their waterfront land into a park? Why should Newburyport create a park on its waterfront? 


More than a year ago the public explicitly told the NRA it wants a  public park on the waterfront.  And what has happened in the last year? 

Watch and learn.



[Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land”,  arranged and performed by Craig Duncan from the album titled “The Country Mountain America”, generously provided by Green Hill Music]

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