Committee for an Open Waterfront - Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA

Thank you supporters!

A year ago city officials and the NRA were backing a proposal to turn the public's central waterfront over to private developers so that they could erect enormous condominium buildings and fill the land with commercial enterprises. 

And you said NO! That land belongs to the people and it should remain public and open and accessible to all.

For that, we say thank you! You stepped up and the plan to privatize the waterfront was killed. 

But there is still much work ahead and we ask you to stay tuned so that we can make 2015 the year Newburyport finally gets the beautiful, open waterfront park it has always wanted.

Happy New Year!




 What is an Open Waterfront Park?  

Why are so many cities turning their waterfront land into a park? Why should Newburyport create a park on its waterfront? 


Waterfront News:


After a period of silence, the city and the NRA began talking about the public waterfront once again at a meeting on September 30.

A stunning moment came when COW’s plan was presented as one option for the future of the central waterfront. It is gratifying to see that the opinion of the majority of residents in support of an open public waterfront is no longer being ignored by City Hall!

In other news, New England Development’s plans for a new waterfront hotel have emerged. The hotel will be built on NED land between the Black Cow and Michael’s Harborside.

The commercial, private development projects surrounding the public land are moving in, making it even more obvious that the last remaining 4.2 acres of public waterfront MUST stay free and clear and open entirely to everyone. 

The action is heating up!  Stay Tuned!


[Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land”,  arranged and performed by Craig Duncan from the album titled “The Country Mountain America”, generously provided by Green Hill Music]

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