Funding for the Park is Available.  

We found it.

In April 2013, COW created a 168 page report identifying available funding sources for a waterfront park that do not involve selling the land or raising taxes.

According to COW's skilled and experienced grant researchers, Newburyport's Waterfront Park could qualify for up to $4,352,000 from 13 relevant federal, state and municipal programs.

In addition, thirty-four (34) local, regional and other private foundations and corporate giving programs that support recreational, environmental, community development and related projects were found.

The amount available in these grants is up to $14,450,000. 

The grants included in this report were screened for eligibility and relevance to the park project as well as interest in the local/regional area.







     To read COW's report

        "Funding the Waterfront Park              without Private Development"

     click on the link below.


      [Please note that the material refered to on page 21 is not in the online edition of the report]

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