Make your position known!

Time and again, the majority of residents have said emphatically that they want to keep the centeral waterfront open and free of private development.  But, as we have seen, elected officials need to be reminded of the majority opinion.

So let's keep our voices loud.  Send emails, write snail mail, and call their offices.  

Let's make sure we continue to be heard!



Newburyport Mayor

Donna Holaday   978-462-5654


City Councilors

Sharif Zeid                  978-225-2750

Jared Eigerman        978-358-7176

Robert Cronin           978-857-9249

Charles Tontar         978-701-3819

Larry Giunta            978-462-5046

Thomas O'Brien      978-465-0314

Barry Connell          978-462-7462

Edward Cameron     978-518-0786

Joseph Devlin           (617) 894-3672

Gregory Earls              (978) 417-0063

Bruce Vogel             978-462-5463



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